About Us

Punto Pigro is a casual luxury brand entirely manufactured in Italy.

Punto Pigro brings a modern touch to the footwear traditions and knoweledge of the Secchiari Family, shoe artisans since 1975.

Punto Pigro - brand

Punto Pigro was created in the year 2000 with a product, identified today, as Punto Pigro Origin. The company's logo was insiperd by the particular and distinguishing stitching on its products. 

Punto Pigro recalls a particular stitching method used by the Indians of America to wear mocassins. 




Punto Pigro pursues design and pays attention to comfort with a process that prefers manual skills. Only prime, natural and eco-friendly materials are used. Punto Pigro is enviromental friendly. 



Punto Pigro means design. Punto Pigro will never be out of fashion and it will be suitable for every situation in daily life. Punto Pigro pursues design without following short-lived trends and continuing to manifacture products respecting its own distinguishing philosophy. The design of a Punto Pigro conforms and blends with the trends keeping an eye on the care, choice of materials and the manual process.



Leather: the types of leather used are calfskin, sheepskin, cavallino, all materials with no harmful substances for the enviroment.